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What started out as a hobby of taking pictures and videos in various family activities, eventually led to filming special events for extended families and friends.  Along came requests to take videos during vacation, anniversaries, graduation, sporting events and weddings.  Admitting that there is so much to learn, even now in my amateurish stage, I watched and researched how cinematographers created their movies.  I experimented with the video equipment I had, and while I may have always enjoyed photography, I never realized how much I would love videography.  With video capabilities integrated in cameras nowadays, it made it convenient to learn the art of photography and videography; all from the same piece of equipment.  As I always said, there is much yet to learn.  The necessity to film from different angles required the assistance of another person.  Thus came my wife, who graciously accepted the role, even though it wasn't her "cup of tea", (just as yard work is not my cup of tea).  This opportunity gave us more time to travel and enjoy time together.  We both enjoy servicing our clients, but the day can be long and tiring.  Filming events involve long hours, in addition to editing the raw footages.  But it's all worth it when you can produce a movie that captures the fondest of memories no money can buy.   


 The art of videography is unique in that, the events that happened on your wedding day are re-lived with such excitement, laughter and crying as you watch the video. I've heard many times from wedding couples, that they hardly remembered what was going on during that wedding day.  Now, with video footages, these memories will forever be remembered.


Unlike photography, videography involves a lot of post production work which includes editing the various film scenes and integrating the music.  The various scenes are then compiled to produce chapters of the DVD containing the "Featured Video", the ceremony, the reception, and the slide presentation of pictures taken during the wedding day.


We're here to make your day special for you!


We are, Eric and Stacey Floresca, at your service :)

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